Methods Apparel Consultants and their productivity improvement systems are directly involved with the training and implementation of systems that have been continuously developed over the past 20 years exclusively for the Apparel and Sewn product industry these include programs for the Cutting Room incorporating Cut Order planning and Fabric utilisation which guarantees savings in excess of 3% in most factories.
For standard times we have developed Pro SMV and Pro Cut SMV to build Standard Times, producing best Method by reducing motions patterns to produce times that are fair and ethical and will benchmark you internationally. These times are used to establish efficiencies of all sections of the factory including: Factory Efficiency, line, and Operator efficiencies and to encourage the facility to Build Quality into garments.
We offer production tracking systems which are available using either both Bar Code or RFID technology to improve productivity, quality awareness and Lean manufacturing disciplines all of which are a comprehensive part of our offerings.
Further we have developed a Merchandising program which develops Style Costing, generates bills of material and a time and action plan (TNA) leading to reduced lead times and improvement in customer service.
We also include training courses for all aspects of Production related departments, and have specialised courses for production related departments specialising in Work Study: Production Management; Quality Control and for sewing operators which leads us to Skill Development programs.
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