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With team of Trainers who are distinguished in their fields of expertise,Methods imparts training to each level of an organization from operators to senior management. Besides sharpening domain skill our training program will also help you expand professional and personal potential in ways that are stimulating, inspiring & fun. It results into better productivity and quality. All our workshops are practical, experiential, role play and activity driven. This ensures the participants learn and up skill themselves in a fun and a very conducive environment.

We cover all facets of corporate training and employee development through varied training solutions.



A specialised course aimed at improving the skills of work study personnel in the garment manufacturing environment. The training teaches work study officers how to analyse, improve processes and resource utilisation, apply work measurement to establish standard times, use standard times to balance sewing lines and control worker productivity, report writing, graphing techniques and incentive schemes.

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Supervisor Training

This training is designed to enhance the skills of supervisors in handling people, their jobs and garment manufacturing. It teaches them the role of the supervisor and how they fit into the organisation, it deals with quality problems and solutions in line with specifications. How work study can help, how to balance lines effectively, how to communicate with superiors and subordinates in a confident and responsible manner, and how to go about motivating their subordinates.

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Production Managers Training

An extensive course dealing with all issues that impact on garment manufacture. The skills imparted during the training enable Managers to make decisions regarding strategies that improve the overall productivity of the organisation.

It focuses on every aspect of garments manufacture and covers the role of the manager, organisation of the clothing factory, production planning, garment costing, cutting room management and practices, work study, quality, communication, motivation, report writing and analysing data using graphing techniques.

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Operator Training

This training is aimed at educating the operator to understand the need to improve quality and productivity. It teaches operators to identify wasted effort and how to use principles of Work Study to improve handling at the workplace. It teaches them to understand how their targets ore calculated and helps them to see the effect that lost time can have on production. They are taught to understand what efficiency means, how important communication with co-workers and superiors is, relate quality to productivity and the effects of quality on the organization, identifying quality faults and defects and remedy quality problems within their control.

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It deals with developing a quality strategy, relating quality to the customer, developing a personal and company Mission Statement, improvement and implementation of processes, measuring performance, lead and manage a TQM process, developing team building skills, connecting suppliers to TQM, this is a completely different approach to management and must become a way of life. This methodology has been adapted to use in Garment Factories.

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Quality training comprises of a range of short courses aimed at different quality control procedures for different levels of people required in a garment factory.

Quality for the supervisor focuses on the cost of Quality, Basic Material Technology, Recognition of Internal and External Customer Requirements, basic manufacturing and product technology, types and application of product technology, types and applications of measuring tools, the value and importance of quality standards, basic recording and reporting systems, basic inspection methods and techniques

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End line examiner

This training helps them to identify garment faults, measure effectively and accurately, consider the difference between major faults and minor faults, and quality auditing practices.

Course Outline:

Module 1 About End line Examination

  • What is end line examination,
  • Examiner decisions,
  • Repair control,

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Roving quality control

How it’s done, the importance of random choice of people to be checked, to establish a quality %. How to use this information to get real improvements in inline quality performance.

Course Outline:

Module 1 Introduction to Roving Quality

  • What is Roving Quality Control?
  • Who should do it?
  • Examine a garment.

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Health and Safety

This training highlights all aspects affecting the health and safety of workers and the working environment. It educates workers about their rights and duties with respect to health and safety, regulations governing health and safety within the organisation, knowledge of health and safety signs and symbols that are essential in the factory.

Course Outline:

Module 1 Health and Safety an Introduction

Module 2 Risks

Module 3 Housekeeping

Module 4 In the Work Place

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Behavior and Life Skills

This training deals with two of the most common aspects that affect people at the workplace. It covers two main aspects:

  • Communication. Our experience tells us that people don’t listen, we teach them to understand the importance of listening properly.
  • Motivation. What makes people tick? How can we get the best from people, how to get cooperation and that little bit extra.

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