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Client's Testimonials

Methods Workshops PRO-MAN systems have been successfully used in the sewing industry in South Africa for several years,but this is the first time this system has been used in the motor industry. These new techniques will promote efficiency and consistency in production methods. It will now also be easier to evaluate the utilization of production equipment, predict where bottlenecks in production may occur, and will thereby improve the reliability of production and management information that is utilized in planning.

Since the implementation of these systems on the E46 Trim line at SA TRIM, efficiency has already improved by 20%, while at MIDLANDS TRIM the E46 Front seat and Headrest lines are currently achieving 80%of the GSD time, which is an improvement of 30%.

Pro-Man will shortly also be implemented on the other SA TRIM and MIDLANDS TRIM production ranges.


Pierre Oliver of Blue Bell wrangler said of Pro-Man it is a very positive system and in conjunction with GSD we have improved productivity by 15%.


I have all of the information necessary to run my factory with regard to Work in Progress, Operators Performance, Personnel Records and operator history files. They are instantly available and easy to access. The program indicates to me areas within the factory that require my most urgent attention and is also of great assistance in maximizing output. The service, and attention to detail, from Methods Workshop, has always, and in my opinion, will always, be of a world class standard. Their service provides a quick response to problems and readily available advice, there is no doubt that I will continue to support and purchase their products.


In a climate of poor service and apathy, at a time where we are forced to consider the various options available to us to realize and epitomize the value of our investments, BIBETTE is proud to be associated with Methods Workshop. Having taken them on board, with the implementation of the GSD and Pro-man systems, their dedication and tenacity at the problems encountered during the period was encouraging and reinforced our confidence in that we had made a wise choice in opting for Methods Workshop.

Their zeal for meeting the deadline helped us in that we were able to realize our goals a lot sooner than we had anticipated. Not only were we able to increase our production levels, but we were also able to implement a better incentive system for our workforce. Their commitment to training as well as their back up service has been exemplary.

While many may consider Methods Workshop to be small in comparison to their competition, we consider them giants in their field. The reliability of their products with regard to computer software and hardware as well as their competitive pricing of these packages made this a worthwhile venture in more ways than one.

In giving due consideration to Methods Workshop's proposals, we found them to be ahead in all areas, which eliminated their competition. Having been associated with Methods Workshop for the past four years we would like to reiterate our support of them and remain confident in that, in the not too distant future, they will be a leading company in their field. Their service excellence has certainly set the benchmark for others to measure themselves. We extend our congratulations to Methods Workshop for their outstanding achievements thus far and trust that they will continue to grow from strength to strength