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Production Managers Training

An extensive course dealing with all issues that impact on garment manufacture. The skills imparted during the training enable Managers to make decisions regarding strategies that improve the overall productivity of the organisation.

It focuses on every aspect of garments manufacture and covers the role of the manager, organisation of the clothing factory, production planning, garment costing, cutting room management and practices, work study, quality, communication, motivation, report writing and analysing data using graphing techniques.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: The Managers role
  • Module 2: Organisation of a clothing factory,
  • Module 3: Production systems,
  • Module 4: Production planning,
  • Module 5: Throughput time and scheduling,
  • Module 6: Costing,
  • Module 7: Cutting Room,
  • Module 8: Fabric control,
  • Module 9: Work-study
  • Module 10: Garment Engineering,
  • Module 11: Line Balancing,
  • Module 12: Quality Control,
  • Module 13: Communication,
  • Module 14: Motivation,
  • Module 15: Report writing and Form Design,
  • Module 16: Equipment