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What is Pro-SMV?

Pro-SMV is the tool you need to establish STANDARD TIMES and BEST METHODS for all of your operations so that you can measure HOW GOOD YOU ARE!

How good are you? Generally here in India the efficiency is between 35% - 45% and that is not good enough to compete against the rest of the world? -- You need to get to at least 70%

To do this you need to become more efficient – most of you know this – but how is it done? The following easy steps are the real way forward.

  • Set up a Workstudy department
  • Train them on basic workstudy techniques
  • Teach them how to apply Pro=SMV
  • Video operators working and show them how they can improve
  • Analyse how the operation is being done
  • Think how it can be improved
  • Train the operator in the new method
  • Make sure they keep it up
  • Create a database of times
  • Use the database for future styles


When you do these things you are able to make the factory more efficient by doing the following:

  • Line Balancing – Balancing the workload between the operators
  • Line layout – Everyone on the line, no-one in the gangways, helpers are just as important as the tailors
  • More efficiency – Measuring operator performance against the standards
  • Improvement of the work-flow
  • Giving the tailors enough space to do the job properly
  • Setting more accurate production targets
  • Reduce overtime
  • Use the information to do your production planning better
  • Reduce lost time
  • Become more compliant
  • Let your buyers know you are investing in Productivity improvement
  • Better methods mean better quality

Pro-SMV highlights method improvement potential, and will make you more conscious of the real value of improved methods, and will improve productivity considerably.

The implementation of PRO-SMV must have complete management involvement it is not simply a software system - it is a management tool to be controlled and implemented in the correct manner. Training should include all levels of personnel from the shop floor to the boardroom, and Quality control personnel must help to ensure that the method allows proper Q/C levels to be achieved in the time produced.

PRO-SMV – Our Brand new system!

  • Is easy to learn
  • Existing staff will have no difficulty in operating the system in the shortest possible time.
  • Software is “state of the art” Multi user, Windows, written inDelphi.
  • Much easier to use than Time Study, and the software is designed to make data entry simple and quick.
  • Is being constantly developed, and the future development plan is exciting and ongoing.
  • You can develop and improve the work-study department quickly and easily, and if analysts leave, it is a simple matter to train new people.
  • Analysts can come from the sewing floor a good machinist can become a good analyst in a short time. This has big advantages in Work-study costs and machinists are in a great position to show operators how to perform new methods.


Analysts are required to attend a 5 day theoretical training course at the end of this there is an examination, this must be passed before the next stage of training is commenced, the further training consist of our consultant’s working with the analysts on the shop floor for a further two weeks, at the end of this period the student must be able to analyse a videoed operation to prove that they have the ability to do the job to our satisfaction, on the successful completion of this then the analysts will be certificated and considered competent to use the system properly