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A system to establish and control the following

  1. Operator Efficiency
  2. Line Efficiency
  3. Factory efficiency
  4. Work in Progress

Fundamentally it will automatically produce all of the information you need to control the performance of the sewing and finishing areas of your factory


It is a computer system that produces bar-coded bundle tickets which travel with Bundles from the first operation to the last, each operation has its own coupon which is detached by the operator who does the operation and every 2 hours these coupons are scanned and a multitude of important information about the points above is produced


  1. Accurate and reliable information
  2. Management decisions based on the current situation not history
  3. Reduction of data collection personnel:
  4. Incentive scheme provision.
  5. Piece work earnings
  6. Freeing supervisors and Managers to manage
  7. Part of a totally integrated production control system
  8. More efficient data flow
  9. Better trained and more informed personnel
  10. Quicker reaction to customer needs
  11. Improved customer satisfaction
  12. Improved communication
  13. Total Work in Progress Control
  14. Speedy operation breakdowns for costing purposes
  15. Easy to read graphs
  16. Assistance with Line balancing
  17. Simple for operators to understand
  18. Quick and accurate
  19. Will produce daily profit or loss per line
  20. Skill matrix
  21. Monitor and control Lost time

Barcode Scanning

You can scan as often as you wish, we recommend four times a day. Thus 2 hours after work has commenced management knows exactly where the problems are, and can take corrective action. The information gathered is “Live” and can be available on the manager’s desk immediately after the scanning process. Each direct operator must be scanned every scanning period. All information is captured including produced minutes, absent time, lost time, off standard time and overtime. Lost time (time that the operator looses through no fault of their own) is captured against a reason, thus highlighting areas that need attention.

After scanning, all work done by the operator is held in an audit trail and can be tracked back, tickets cannot be scanned twice, and this effectively “Seals” the operator’s ability to “Cheat” the system. “Missing” tickets become a thing of the past as operators learn that when a ticket has been scanned an audit trail exists.

Work in Progress

There is comprehensive work in progress tracking within the system. When the operation sequence is created certain operations are identified as progress points. There are up to 10 progress points available. These are “Soft Coded” so can be named to suit you

It is intended that these points are allocated to the relevant operation; e.g. the “On line” progress point ticket is allocated to the first sewing operation, when this tickets are scanned, the bundle is moved automatically in the work in progress section, adjusting the balance still being held as “Cut Work Stock” and the balance “on line”, this is automatic, no human intervention is necessary. As the order progresses various reports are available to assist supervisors, Management and production chasers. You are also able to get WIP values for all departments when you need it

Incentive Structures

There are a number of bonus structures available, Individual, Group, a combination of Individual and group; piecework and stepped. It is also possible to print the money value of the work completed on the bar-coded ticket instead of the target. This lets the operator calculate exactly how much she/he has earned as during the day/week.

Skills Matrix

The system will automatically build a skills matrix for every operator, showing what operation types he/she can do and the efficiency that has been reached on the various operations. This information is invaluable when balancing lines, and during the installation of new styles, and is also very necessary to produce training plans to show you where insufficient skills are available.


There are more than 30 reports available. This is a listing of some of them together with an explanation of their use.

Many of the reports can be produced for a specified period, for example – daily – weekly or monthly as required



Who should use it

Period Efficiencies

Operator efficiency after every 2 hours per section

Supervisor and Workstudy officer

Section Efficiency

Summary of section efficiencies per division.

Line and Production manager

Division and Factory Efficiency

Overall Efficiencies reflecting the bottom line of each Section efficiency


Piece Work earnings

List of all operators, their wage rates and earnings for a specific period

Management, Wages department

Incentive payments

The report shows earnings today – this month so far and the predicted earnings at the end of the month if the operator continues at the current level. This works only if the Incentive module is installed



These can be previewed as and when required


Lost Time

This is a summary of the time lost by operators which is not their fault. It is a guide to Supervisory and management efficiency.

Supervisors, Managers

Operators below %

Summary of operators below a certain efficiency levels. Used to improve performances


Bonus Earnings

If a bonus system is in place this indicates bonus earnings for each operator.

Supervisors, Managers, Wages,

Score sheet

Units produced per scanning period and the efficiency attained.

Supervisor, W/S

Style Status report

Provides complete tracking of the style

Manager, Supervisor

Work in progress

Shows the status of all orders in the factory at various important production points. Eg Cut, On line, Off line ect, and is used to monitor the progress of all orders

Management, Planning , Sales, Dispatch, Merchandising

Units produced by sub-section

Number of garments produced through the last operation of all the subsections – Valuable when making garment sub sections simultaneously.

Supervisors, Managers, W/S staff.

Work Distribution

Quantity produced on every operation in the style and the buffer qty between operations. Used for a  stock take and Line Balancing

Supervisor, Manager

Operation  Sequence

Listing of all operations in a style

Workstudy and Supervision

Cut Summary

Qty cut per colour and size

Cutting Room, Dispatch

Bundle List

List of all bundle in the lay with sequence numbers

Numbering operators and bundling girls, Supervisors line feeders, Dispatch

Operators Personal Records

Feedback on absenteeism, warnings, Skills, Efficiencies etc. information should be captured regularly

Personnel department and Manager

Scanning Control Sheet

Used to check the operators on the section prior to the first scan

Supervisor and Scanning operator

Machine Requirements

List of operations and the machine type needed for each operation

Supervisor and Mechanic

Operations, Machines and Work aids

Listing of each – for reference purpose


Un scanned tickets

List of all tickets that have not been scanned in every order in the system

Workstudy, Supervisor

Operator Skills analysis

This is a skills matrix, it is built automatically

Supervisors, managers, personnel

Late bundles

This report shows a list of the bundles that have not moved for a predetermined number of days.

Progress chaser

Daily profit or loss

Calculates the output value from each line and using the cost per minute will calculate the cost of running the line, by subtracting the produced value from the cost the profit or loss is established

Managing director and all senior managers

All of the above reports can be viewed on screen.