Methods Apparel Consultancy

Methods Apparel Consultancy

Methods Apparel Consultancy is the leading consultancy service in the Garment Manufacturing Industry with an experience of 40 years, working with more than 200 factories across 20+ countries. We are a one-stop solution provider for all your Apparel and Sewn Product industry needs offering consultancy services, Software Solutions, and Training facilities to name a few. We have been acknowledged and awarded at various fronts including by the Government of India regarding our facilities and efforts in the past. This we believe is because we have been successful in optimizing the industry and bringing in better profitability through our solutions.

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40 Years | 20 + Countries | 200 + factories

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Methods has been leading the innovation around the Sewn Product for over 4 decades now, setting up examples as to how we can turn into a more cost effective and profitable factory through technology.
Sunaina Khanna