Methods Apparel Consultancy is a consultancy firm which has helped more than 200 factories spread across 20 countries reach a better efficiency, productivity and an overall bigger profit margins in it’s 40 years period. Since you are here, let us tell you why you need Methods as your Consultant to reach your dream optimization for your factory.

Nothing is ideal in this world and similar is the case with the apparel Industry. The industries main focus remains on meeting the deadlines of the customer, delivering orders at any cost. Efficiency, productivity, optimization are words very familiar to the garment industry but steps taken to rank higher on these parameters at large is a point of concern.

This is why there is and has always been a requirement of a third eye that looks after the functioning of the organisation. Meeting a particular deadline is what the company is bothered about but developing an operating procedure that is standard for a particular operation is what will help the company in achieving the target, developing skill of the workforce, training them to learn the basics and depth of Kaizen, sustainability and smart work based on the hierarchy is what will drive the company to achieve greater heights. These are what is expected of a Consulting firm.

Given the change the Pandemic has caused, the apparel manufacturing is sure to shift massively around India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Low labour cost has always been a parameter that has attracted companies but now brands are looking much more than just the low labour cost. Skill of the workforce, infrastructure, technological advancements, efficiency and productivity of the company are something that brands are now looking for.

This picture clearly shows the need of an apparel consulting firm to rank higher on the given parameters if the company is willing to make better business.

Methods Apparel Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd. is one such apparel consulting company that has worked with more than 200+ factories in 20 countries and according to these companies, has helped them become a more efficient and productive factory than they were before.

With a massive experience of 40 years in the apparel consultancy service sector, the company has expertise in –

  • Software based Solution
  • Skill Development
  • Training
  • Consulting

Is the Cost attached with Apparel Consultancy too costly?

There is always a cost attached to any service but business is fruitful when there is a win-win scenario. Consultancy comes with a cost but the ROI on this service has proved to be real game changers for many companies.

Apparel consultancy has had short as well as long term benefits. Looking at a few case studies of Methods Apparel Consultancy, it was found that the productivity and efficiency has had a rather instant positive shift as soon as the workforce started using its Software based solutions like Pro SMV, Pro- Cut, Pro-Merchant etc., while training, skill development has had a long lasting and promising share in making the company a more efficient organisation.

For a company with a vision, consulting with apparel consultancy firms like Methods Apparel Consultancy can be a fruitful partnership as the company has experts who are consistently developing technologies and solutions that are going to play a bigger role in the apparel manufacturing sector.

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