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Behavior and Life Skills

This training deals with two of the most common aspects that affect people at the workplace. It covers two main aspects:

  • Communication. Our experience tells us that people don’t listen, we teach them to understand the importance of listening properly.
  • Motivation. What makes people tick? How can we get the best from people, how to get cooperation and that little bit extra.

What is AIDS? Prevention, symptoms, implications and how to deal with it, how to get help if infected. Life Skills enhance the abilities of trainees to cope with the changing environment and translate technical skills into employment, it empower people to make informed choices about their future. Better money management and identifies the various financial risks that can be encountered. It helps people to become more informed about issues that they aren’t exposed to every day and helps them to deal with their finances better.

Course Outline:


Module 1

  • Ways to communicate,
  • Attitudes,
  • Behavioural communication,
  • Communication Problems,
  • The coat – exercise

Module 2

  • Communicate effectively,
  • Creative problem solving,
  • Role play

Module 3

  • Listening,
  • The note book
  • Effective Speaking,
  • What kind of face do you have?
  • Morning Meetings,
  • Barriers to communication,
  • Passing on information

Module 1

  • Motivation as a topic,
  • Leadership,
  • Supervisor as a leader
  • Efficiency,
  • Self-Development,

Module 2

  • Getting the best out of people,
  • Atmosphere,
  • Line book,
  • What do people want from their jobs,
  • How to motivate – what makes employees happy,
  • Job satisfaction,

Module 3

  • Success must be earned,
  • Do you listen,
  • Perception,
  • Motivate