Leading you towards SMART Factorys.Unlock the Power of real time Production Management.Access through Laptop, Tablet, Phone with QR Code.

Pro-X4.0 QR Code App Provide Various Types of solution to Garment Industries

Sampling Module

  • Eliminate delay through real time tracking
  • Set Timeline for each process
  • Process Scanning Alerts
  • Quality monitoring
  • Sample Room Efficiency
  • Garment Sample Time
  • Dashboard


  • Digitalise of lay slip
  • Marker Audit
  • Attendance
  • Layer Inspection
  • Cut Order Tracking
  • Cutitng Room Efficiency
  • Fabric Reconciliation


  • Real Time Tracking
  • QR or Click Based Progress
  • Individual Efficiency Monitoring
  • Lost Time and WIP
  • Bottleneck Monitoring
  • Operation Video
  • Dashboard


  • Digitalise your QMS
  • Quality Reporting
  • Quality Audit
  • DHU & Repair Rate
  • TLS(Roving Quality)
  • Dashboard for line
  • Dashboard for Management

Quality Audit

  • Digitalise your QMS Audit
  • Quality Audit Reporting
  • Quality Audit
  • LCD Screens for Audit Table
  • Factory Audit Pass %
  • Line Audit Pass %
  • Dashboard for Management


  • Manage Machine Trouble from the source
  • SMS or What's App Alerts
  • Auto. Task Alloc. to Machanic
  • Track Mechanic Performance
  • Transfer Machine
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Manage Critical BreakDowns

Stock Management System

  • Style Costing
  • BOM & TNA
  • Requisation & PO
  • Inward & Outward
  • GRN
  • Supplier Rate List
  • All kind of stock reports

Digital Recorder

  • Piece Rate With Digital Recorder
  • Hourly Score Sheet
  • Operator Monitoring
  • Piece Rate Report
  • Operator Attendance
  • WIP and Bottle neck
  • Dasboard



Ethical Standard Times


RFID based real time production tracking system


Total Fabric Control


Barcode production tracking system


Inventory management System


Instant Line Balancing & laout

Pro-X4.0 Testimonials

We recently installed Pro-X 4.0 Software from Methods Apparel Consultancy in our assembly lines and are very satisfied with the performance. Getting Realtime data helps in solving the problems quickly and has resulted in increasing the efficiency and improving quality. We believe this is the future for our industry.

Cheer Sagar, India

Mr. Arnav Poddar,