Pro- Merchant is designed specifically to assist the merchandisers to become more proactive and organised in order to meet commitments

How it works

It starts with standardisation of processes related to Fabric, trims and all pre production activities. This is done in conjunction with the senior management. Following are the key features of this program.

  • Fast and accurate costing of New developments with the facility to access stock prices at the time costing
  • Copy costings of similar styles to develop costings for new styles , hence making the costing much faster and accurate
  • Track all Product development activities
  • Track Buyer wise business generation based on volumes of product development
  • Comprehensive style search based on discrete features of the style.
  • Creating Templates for Fabric processes, Sampling and other Pre production activities and Trimmings
  • Associate templates to the styles
  • Auto generate TNA (Time and action calendar) and analyse deviations at all ends
  • Track all delayed activities, fabric and trims status of the order through TNA
  • Create To do lists
  • Mark and prioritize critical activities
  • Create pre alerts for critical activities
  • Generate BOM’s for every style from costing
  • Raise Purchase orders
  • Monitor Good receipt
  • Complete stock control of fabrics and trims
  • Monitor and control File handover lead time
  • Sample planning and delivery performance


In the today’s fast changing environment, as we become more and more fashion conscious, every time we visit a store we expect fresh stocks. In the past there use to be 2 major buying seasons but now there are up to 6 seasons. Lead times are becoming shorter and shorter. Today the role of the merchandiser is not only to merely co-ordinate between various departments but they are also expected to perform each of the following functions.

  • Plan and Carry out all Product development activities
  • Develop TNA’s for each order
  • Ensure on time delivery of all the required items
  • Co-ordinate all the activities with buying house/buyers
  • Get all the approvals on time
  • Ensure all purchase orders have been generated
  • Reduce Pre production lead time
  • Ensure on time file handover to production
  • Track all the orders through the production processes
  • Ensure timely deliveries


The system is designed on 3 levels of hierarchy within the merchandising department; there are separate screens for Merchandisers, Divisional heads and Merchandising manager in order to give the crisp and relevant information to all concerned.

  • Management decisions based on the current situation.
  • Reduction of data collection personnel.
  • Freeing merchandisers and Managers to manage.
  • Part of a totally integrated production control system.
  • Better and more efficient information flow between departments.
  • Better trained and more informed personnel.
  • Quicker reaction to customers’ needs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved communication.
  • It is easy to learn and apply.
  • Monitors Internal customers and evaluate external suppliers
  • It will improve production planning and control procedures.



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