Work Study

A specialized course aimed at enabling your Work Study to improve methods, efficiency and productivity.

History of work study

  • Productivity
    • Resources,
    • How the minimum time for a job is made up,
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,
    • How the total time for a job is made up.
  • Work study and the organization,
  • Methods study
  • Definition
  • Procedure
  • Report writing and installing and maintaining methods,
  • Garment engineering,
  • Work measurement
  • Stopwatches,
  • Procedures for time study,
  • Techniques,
  • Rating and time study
  • Allowances
  • Production study
  • Pmts
  • Activity sampling
  • Line balancing
  • Efficiency,
    • Operator efficiency,
    • Lost and non standard times,
  • Incentives,
  • Cycle checks and fever charts,
  • The learning curve

Games, Role plays and discussions

These aspects of value added learner input to the course are considered to be vitally important, in order for the learner to glean a better understanding of the material given.

The aim is to give as much information as possible without overloading the learner, and keeping an element of fun and unpredictability.

  Work Study
  Supervisor Training
  Operator Training
  Production Managers
          End Line Examiners
          Roving Quality
  Garment Engineering
  Health & Safety