Supervisor Training Course

A detailed course aimed at Supervisors within the Clothing Industry, promoting an understanding of Quality, Balancing, and Work Study as well as imparting essential behavioral skills

  • Quality and the supervisor,
    • Responsibility,
    • Machine quality,
    • Causes of poor quality,
  • Sewing faults,
  • Cutting faults,
    • Housekeeping,
    • Needle problems, Sewing,
    • seaming & assembly defects,
    • Roving quality control,
    • How garments should be examined.
  • Role of the supervisor
    • How good are you?
    • What do you know about your company?
    • What is a supervisors role?
    • Do’s and Don’ts,
    • A supervisors job profile.
  • Work study and Pro-SMV
    • Efficiency,
    • Use a stop watch,
    • Allowances,
    • What is productivity,
    • How to help poor performers,
    • Garment engineering,
    • Workplace layout,
    • Pro-SMV Practical session
  • Line balancing and production planning,
    • What is it?
    • Throughput time,
    • Progressing work,
    • How to balance a line,
    • Setting up a line,
    • Running the line,
    • Production reports
  • Communication,
    • Motivation for the supervisor.

These aspects of value added learner input to the course are considered to be vitally important, in order for the learner to glean a better understanding of the material given.

The aim is to give as much information as possible without overloading the learner, and keeping an element of fun and unpredictability.

  Work Study
  Supervisor Training
  Operator Training
  Production Managers
          End Line Examiners
          Roving Quality
  Garment Engineering
  Health & Safety