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Capacity Planning

Establish capacity for each production section, remove holidays, add overtime, use your current efficiencies and absentee levels and your capacity is instantly available. Capacity is established for 300 days in advance, it maintains these days by adding a new day at the end day.

You can: Reserve capacity for special customers, Change the capacity of sections as it suits your sales. 

Pre-Production Planning

The system will tell you by which date all the necessary pre-production functions must be complete if the style is to start feeding onto the line on the planned date. Those pre-production functions that are late show on the screen in red. The individual company according to their needs and experience sets lead times.

Audit Trail

An Audit trail is in place to allow Management to monitor the actions taken by those responsible to ensure that pre- production functions are completed in time. Actions taken are date recorded and the date the action was taken can neither be changed nor deleted. To view audit action simple double-click on the style the information is required for.


The facility is provided to insert pictures of styles into the system. No more looking for samples, click on the style and the picture is there, click on the picture to get a full screen image.

Style Entry

Enter style details including:

Special instructions, minute value, outwork types, trims, fabrics, special machines required, and style costs.

Outwork and CMT

Monitors outwork and CMT, you enter date sent and expected lead-time, it reports to you and reminds you of outstanding and late deliveries.


As orders are received they are entered and any special requirements are recorded. Requested delivery date, whether or not the style is going out to CMT if the order is for export, which vessel and departure date is applicable.


Orders are planned onto the section that can best make them. The orders are arranged in the best sequence for customer delivery, Push the “Compile “ button and the dates that the order will be complete is compared to the “Requested Delivery date” and the number of days early or late is displayed. Orders can be re-arranged, transferred to other lines, sent out to CMT, overtime or short time, can be planned and the effects of these changes can be seen immediately.

Booking Production

If this system is used in conjunction with our Pro-Man system, booking production is automatic, otherwise daily production figures are entered and the plan recompiled to see the effect of today’s production on the expected completion date.

Scenario Planning

It is possible to plan several different “Scenarios”, IE “What if” situations, these can be “Compiled”, reviewed and the best alternative chosen, or go back to the original situation.


Production Schedule

Listing of all allocated orders in priority order by section: This report shows the start and end date, the requested delivery date and the “Play” (early or late) for every order.

It also shows the situation with regard to the pre-production functions.

Production Report:

This is the daily profit or loss of the whole factory based on today’s output.

Planned Production Value:

Predicts the value of monthly turnover, section by section:


A complete listing of all styles that are waiting for outwork to be completed, showing whether the outwork is on schedule or not

Factory Loading

Indicates the available capacity monthly, and shows the factory loading against this capacity.

And many more including
Work in Progress
Special Machine requirements
Customer Reports
Linked Styles
Audit Trail
Styles to clear

General Comments

Production planning is the “soul” of the business, can be the difference between success and failure.

It is a discipline that requires constant monitoring, done properly it informs everyone what is happening in every department, and allows everyone to work on the same priorities.

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