A Consultancy company concentrating only in the Sewn products Industry

We guarantee a 15% productivity improvement in the sewing department and a 3% fabric saving in the cutting room

We have clients in 16 countries including, India / Sri Lanka / South Africa / Cambodia / Botswana / Lesotho / Jordan / We have had great success with our installations in these countries and are concentrating our future expansion in India since this market is growing so quickly.

We are a South Africa based company operational since 1981 .Our Company has offices in Durban, Cape Town, Colombo Sri Lanka, and now in Delhi. Our aim is to provide specific industry-related production consultancy services, training and high-technology solutions. 

The Consultancy Services and training programmes cover all areas of the factory from Raw Materials through to Dispatch.

Methods Workshop's in house developed computer software, well known throughout Southern Africa, with a wide local user base, covers all aspects of production. Each program has been developed to run as a “Stand Alone” module, and all support Multi-User functionality. As you purchase additional modules they are automatically integrated, so you can build a complete computer system to manage your manufacturing arm.

We are Government accredited trainers in South Africa. Our training courses have been developed using our experience within the production side of the industry and are built around our practical experience.

  We are consultants to the ATDC (Apparel training and Design centre) and have trained their teachers to teach our Work Study and Supervisory training courses, some of which has now been added to their curriculum.

1. ATDC is a government organisation which operates 100 garment training centres throughout the country training both raw recruits and people from the industry. We have been appointed as a Governor of the ATDC board and conduct training seminars for the industry all over India.

2. We have installed our systems in 30 exporting companies with AEPC throughout India and during these installations we established Work Study departments, trained the Industrial Engineers and installed productivity improvement systems, we achieved considerable productivity improvements

3. We have been contracted by the Okhla Cluster (OGTC) and have trained many of their production personnel on our Work-Study, Supervision and Quality control modules we are also retained by them to provide productivity enhancement services to their members

4. We are retained by NIFT to offer specialised productivity based training to their students for the next 3 years.

5. We are accreditation agents for IL&FS Cluster development Initiative to teach the teachers to train new recruits for more than 100 training centres throughout India we are also responsible for the accreditation of up to 50,000 trainees who will be employed by the Garment Industry on the completion of their training. We train all of the instructors who must pass examinations to our standards before they are allowed to teach.

6. We have completed a survey of 10 factories for the GTZ (German technical Development corporation) in conjunction with the Okhla Garment and Textile cluster (OGTC) to establish the current status of the industry in the NCR region. The findings of these surveys have been published by the GTZ and copies were sent to all the Garment exporters in India.
  Consultancy Services
  We study the organization from a business point of view and help to unlock the true potential. This involves examining all  aspects to establish areas of weakness, this coupled to a report, which will contain recommendations and solutions that  will form the basis of a discussion with Management and the formulation of a plan of action. We are able to offer ‘Turn-  Key’ solutions, layouts, equipment requirements and assist with the staffing requirements for the various departments  required.
  Software solutions

The whole series of programs is called Pro-Suite and is made up of the following modules:

Pro-SMV: Pro- SMV will provide the company with the basis to accurately establish Standard Minute Values for sewing room operations; it concentrates on the method improvement and accuracy of time standards.

Pro-Man: Bar-coded bundle tickets and Operator Management coupled with total Work In Progress tracking, and Skills Management.

Pro-Plan: Production Planning, An essential system, designed to help to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that delivery dates are achieved.

Pro-Cut: Fabric represents 60-70% of product cost. This system monitors the use of every inch issued to the cutting room, and will save anything up to 4% of your fabric usage.

Pro-Cut SMV: This programme enables the company to calculate the Standard Minute Value for cutting room operations, and monitor efficiency and WIP for the cutting room.

Pro-Stock: Total Fabric & Trims Stock Control, Coupled with Costing and Materials Requirement planning, tying up to a final “Cost Back” reporting exactly what you achieved against your initial costing.

Pro-Merchant: This program enables vendor & buyer management for efiicient interdepartmental information flow which helps to ensure on-time in-house of required materials and reduction in pre-production lead times, streamlining and improving file handover and delivery.

Pro-Quality: Using scanners this system is designed to collect all information regarding the quality and repair situation throughout the production unit and calculates the cost of quality and the AQL level. It will point companies in the best direction to reduce these costs and to improve their quality.

System Training: We install and train these systems to ensure your total satisfaction. Your IT department are fully trained to give on-site support to all users and systems.

  Training Courses
  We offer a wide range of Industry specific Training courses:
  1. Motivation
  2. Work Study
  3. Merchandising
  4. Quality Checker
  5. Communication
  6. Training of Trainers
  7. Production Manager
  8. Supervisor Training
  9. Garment Engineering
  10. Roving Quality Control
  11. Sewing Machine Operators

The courses listed above are offered as both ‘In House’ and ‘Multi Factory to suit your specific needs. We are also involved in setting up operator training centres providing a complete operator training module, teaching your instructors and getting the new department to operate at maximum efficiency.

  Some recent clients include:

AEPC Gurgaon, Gokaldas Exports Bangalore, Modelama New Delhi, Orient Fashions New Delhi,  Matrix Gurgaon, Royal Embroidery Faridabad, Mahajan Panipat, Shahi Exports Faridabad, ATDC All over India, Okhla Cluster Okhla, Everunison Lesotho, Chelsea West Cape Town, KDS Chittagong Bangladesh, Radnik (7 Factories) Noida & Gurgaon, Orient Clothing Khansa, Pee Empro Faridabad, Banswara Syntex Surat & Daman, Kudu Ludhiana, BL International Noida, SABS Exports Noida, Creative Clothex Noida, Vijay Garments Chennai... and more...


We have recently installed production enhancing systems in their factories, changed their system of production and designed furniture and organised workplaces to give operators more space to work and teaching them to adapt the better methods we have taught their Industrial engineers and set up Industrial engineering departments and installed systems to control fabric utilisation.


Some clients in South Africa

Alpex, Bakbor, Brenton Clothing , Riviera Fashions, Cambridge , Cape Underwear

Casual Clothing, China Garments, Durban Clothing Elzet, H D Lee, John peter, Leisure Knit, Marburg manufacturing Midlands Trim (BMW SA), SA Clothing Menswear, SA Clothing Ladies wear, Snugglers, Walnut clothing


Our Clients in Sri Lanka

Hemas (2 Factories), Timex Jaqalanka (3 Factories), Continental, Koggala Garments and

Maliban (2 Factories)

  Some Turn-Key projects

We also offer the complete solution for companies who wish to set up new facilities, we can work from the Architect to the customer, establishing the layout, equipment, training and recruitment helping to obtain the necessary management and getting the company started and staying with it until a satisfactory level of productivity is achieved.


We are not ‘Quick Fix’ but are more interested in long and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, our experience and expertise is there to help you to become much more productive and therefore much more profitable.

Please visit our website www.methodapparel.com for further information.
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