Calculate Your Return on Investment
Basic Factory Information Value Unit
No of Workstations units
Avg Production per day Pcs
No of lines
Production recorders
Avg Monthly salary for recorders/Scanner INR
No of HR personnel to piecework earnings
Avg Salary for HR people INR
If running a Barcoded/Coupon system Value Unit
Avg Bundle Size Pcs
Ticket price per 1000 INR
Number of people scanning
People involved in compiling scanned data
People preparing tickets for bundles in cutting room
Number of gummed sheets per person per day
Avg no of barcode tickets consumed per person per day
Factory Operational info Value Unit
Working hrs
Current Efficiency %
Expected improvement %
Labour rate per day in INR INR
Overhead as % of Labour * Approx 100-200%
Bundle ticket handling is eliminated this will save * Normal range 1-3%
Lost time % * Normal range 5-15%
Productivity per person per day Pcs
Return on Investment in Months